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Temp·ro & Temp·ro Flow


Temp·ro is a light-cured temporary restorative material with high elasticity. The high elasticity of this material allows for one-piece removal. It is available in two types, a high-viscosity (Temp·ro) and a low-viscocity (Temp·ro Flow). Temp·ro Flow is available in 3g syringes and Temp·ro Flow is available in 1.2mL syringes. Both viscosities are available in yellow or blue shades.

Evaluators' Comments

  • "I liked the adapability - I was able to shape it very nicely."
  • "Ready to use, easy to place, quick set."
  • "Both versions offer the look and feel of composite materials."
  • "I am a long time Fermit™ user who finally found a better material to switch to!"
  • "If you have used any other light-cured temporary material, this will be a distinct improvement over those previous products."
  • "Placement was sometimes difficult."
  • "Colors are not cosmetic."

Clinical Tips

  • Try Temp·ro Flow for repairing provisional margins.
  • I had a patient come in at the end of the day that lost a crown on #19. I used the Temp·ro as a provisional crown and it worked great in pinch until he was able to come back for the impression.
  • The blue color is great for contrast with implant screws.
  • Removal can be difficult if there are any undercuts.
  • Build up as you do a composite and cure.
  • The flow material is great for implant access holes.

Evaluating Highlights

  • Temp·ro and Temp·ro Flow were evaluated by 29 consultants, with a total of 591 uses.
  • Non-sticky
  • Easy to use
  • One-piece removal
  • Flexible
  • Light-cured
  • Strong and polishable
  • Two viscosities

Unique Features

  • Light-cured, 20-seconds cure time
  • Sets firm yet flexible
  • Non-sticky placement
  • Low-viscosity flowable options, ideal for deep inlays
  • Elasticity allows for removal in one piece
  • Low shrinkage, after curing, of 0.07%


  • Temporization of inlay and onlay restorations
  • Sealing of implant screw access openings
  • Temporization of missing restoration/tooth structure

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