Warranties on Equipment

All equipment purchased with Bigsply.com will have a 1 year warranty. You must obtain an warranty repair form in order to start any repair services under the warranty.

Bigsply will process the first determination to see if product does need to repair because of the manufacture's defect or if the equipment was determined that it was due to user error (ex: dropping of the product). If it was determine to be user error, then the buyer will be subjected to the repair fee and the shipping fee. Second determination will be by the manufacture when the equipment is sent to the manufacture for repair. They will be making the final determination on whether it was an user error or a defect.

Any equipment that needs to be repair under the warranty will have a shipment fees. This will be explained during the initial call to our call center.

There are no loaners for any equipment that is being repaired. 

Please call our customer service department at 855-944-0511 to find out more about the warranty. Certain terms and conditions may apply.