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EsFlow is a nanohybrid, flowable composite that is designed for esthetic results. It has a medium visosity to allow the composite to flow into the preparation for easy handling and precise application. It is high radiopaque. EsFlow is available in packs containing two, 2g syringes in shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2, together with 8 dispensing tips.

Consultants' Comments

  • "Easy to place and did not slump with instrumentation."
  • "Application is awecome - I love the small tip."
  • "Easy to finish, very good polish and final appearance."
  • "Great variety of shades, good shade match. Blends well with most teeth."
  • "Good radiopacity."
  • "The shades are good; however, the opacity isn't always correct."

Clinical Tips

  • Move the tip a little more than usual for even placement as you extrude the material, as it is a little thicker than other flowables.
  • Place a small increments of <2mm.
  • Cure a dot of EsFlow on the tooth to make sure the chosen shade is an accurate choice.

Evaluation Highlights

EsFlow was evaluated by 31 consultants, with a total of 672 uses.

  • Good flowability.
  • Precise application with dispensing tips.
  • Easy handling and instrumentation.
  • Quick placement.
  • Good radiopacity.

Unique Features

  • Contains high molecular weight urethane methacrylate monomer for compressive strength.
  • Highly radiopaque.


  • Anterior and posterior direct restorations where a flowable composite is indicated.

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