Fuji Plus

Fuji Plus

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Fuji Plus-GC

  • Resin-reinforced, glass ionomer luting cement for final cementation of metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal, metal-free crowns, bridges, inlays and outlays.
  • Bonds to the tooth structure and all types of core materials.
  • Simple placement technique
  • High bond strengths while maintaining the favorable characteristics of glass ionomers-fluoride release.
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion, and biocompatibility to the tooth structure and soft tissues.
  • For an indirect metal-free restoration that recommends a resin-reinforced all-ceramic, crowns like PROCERA or cementable composite resin restoration like GRADIA.

Standard contains: 15g powder, 7mL liquid, 6.5mL conditioner, mixing pads, scoop

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